Hipswell Parish Grant awarded to Catterick Garrison Football Centre

The council were delighted to award a grant of £300 to enable the centre to purchase safety barriers.  The cheque was presented by parish councillor Kevin Foster.


Notice of the Annual Limited Assurance Review Year Ended 31.3.21 & Final Report has now been published on the financial pages of the website.








Clerk:         Judith Bromfield

Address:                     3 Fourth Avenue, Colburn, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire DL9 4RN
Tel:                              07918 114343
Email:                          hipswellparishcouncil@outlook.com

Office Hours:              1000hrs - 1300hrs Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Parish Councillors:

  • Councillor K Mendham (Chairman)
    Contact via clerk  Councillor J Burbridge (Vice Chairman)
    Contact via clerk only
  • Councillor L Grose  
    Tel: 07729 863669
  • Councillor Vacancy
  • Councillor Vacancy
  • Councillor A Bagley
    Contact via clerk
  • Councillor J Sharma
  • jagannath.sharma13@gmail.com
  • Tel: 07828 079402
  • Councillor K Foster
  • cllr.k.foster@richmondshire.gov.uk
  • Tel: 07854 161630
  • Councillor D O'Driscoll
  • dean.30@hotmail.co.uk
  • Tel: 07368 874381

County Councillor:

  • County Councillor H Grant
    Tel: 07791768903 01748 821072

District Councillor:

  • District Councillor P Cullen
    Tel: 01748 824150
  • District Councillor L Grose
    Tel: 07729 863669

Planning Committee:

  • Councillor L Grose (Chairman)
    (See above parish councillors)
  • Councillor J Burbridge (Vice Chairman)
    (See above under parish councillors)
  • Councillor K Mendham