Hipswell Parish Council

The population of the Hipswell Parish is 2008 (taken from the most recent Electoral Roll).

The Parish Council meetings take place on the second Monday of the month, in Hipswell Village Hall at 7pm, excluding the months April, August and December when no meetings are held. The Annual General Meeting is held in May each year.


Clerk: Ms Susan Thornton
Pine Dell, South Parade
Croft on Tees
North Yorkshire

Telephone Number:
07378 653100

Email: hipswellparishcouncil@outlook.com


Please use the links below to view the minutes


Burial Board Clerk

For Burial Board information, please contact -

  • Jon Rutherford
  • chsjba@hotmail.co.uk
  • Tel: 07812 112364

Annual Return Form

Annual Return Form 2017

Annual Return Form 2016

Parish Councillors:

  • Councillor K Mendham (Chairman)

  • Councillor L Grose (Vice Chairman)    
    Tel: 07729863669

  • Councillor J Burbridge
    Tel 07548037297

  • Councillor D Metcalfe
    Tel: 01748 834295

  • Councillor S Mendham

  • Councillor A Metcalfe
    Tel: 01748 834295

  • Councillor A Munro

  • Councillor Vacancy

County Councillor:

  • County Councillor H Grant
    Tel: 07791768903 01748 821072

District Councillors:

  • District Councillor P Cullen
    Tel: 01748 824150

  • District Councillor L Grose
    (See above under parish councillors)

Planning Committee:

  • Councillor L Grose (Chairman)
    (See above parish councillors)

  • Councillor J Burbridge (Vice Chairman)
    (See above under parish councillors)

  • Councillor K Mendham

  • Councillor D Metcalfe
    (See above under parish councillors)

  • Councillor A Munro